Investor Relations

Are you an institutional investor and intend to invest in a highly interesting e-commerce project?

Investor Relations

Are you an institutional investor and intend to invest in a highly interesting e-commerce project?

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Locamo connects local retail with regional and national e-commerce by enabling local, stationary stores to operate online.

Locamo is both e-commerce platform and business directory focusing on the German market. In addition, Locamo develops and operates white label marketplaces (regional platforms) for German municipalities or regions.

The combination of both consumer-focused e-commerce retail and regional platforms provides Locamo with exponential growth in visits, orders and revenue. The Locamo business model is scalable internationally.

Hybrid retailing experts agree

To save the retail sector, a transformation from the classic brick-and-mortar store to hybrid operations is needed. Retailers are required to be equally active online and offline and to treat both sales channels with the same level of commitment. There is still a long way to go. For this reason, various initiatives have emerged to support retailers in their digitization efforts.

Local Hybrid Shopping the best of both worlds

Locamo enables traditional retail businesses to gain exposure online and to boost sales by posting offers from local stores on the established, national online marketplace, in Google Shopping, in affiliate channels and regional platforms. Retailers can easily sign-up and bring their portfolio online – without the need for prior knowledge or resources.

As more retail businesses are present in digital media, more shoppers can connect with local providers by either “click & ship“ or “click & collect“ or ”reserve & try in store“.

Vertrauen auch Sie auf Locamo. Nutzen Sie die Chance auf mehr Reichweite und mehr Umsatz.

Vertrauen auch Sie auf Locamo. Nutzen Sie die Chance mit Locamo mehr Reichweite und mehr Umsatz zu erreichen.

Markus Kapler, Geschäftsführer Locamo GmbH & Co. KG


The team behind Locamo has several decades of combined experience in e-commerce, technology, sales and management

Kai Uwe Kapler
Finances, Legal & HR
25 years of experience in process and project management, process optimization, business reorganization, as well as many years of management experience and initial idea provider for Locamo.
Markus Kapler
25 years of active experience in business development and sales as well as CIO of an international IT organization. Featured in the Top 10 in „CIO Of The Year“ by „Computerwoche“ And „CIO-Magazin“ in 2012 and 2013.
Olaf Jonsek
Digital Strategy & Marketing
More than 20 years of experience In performance marketing with international e-commerce giants such as eBay, DELL, Disney, Time Warner Music, NKD, as well as founder of his own agency in the U.S.

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Managing Partner

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Kai Uwe Kapler
Locamo GmbH & Co. KG
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Retail businesses love Locamo

„We achieve an increase in sales through this nationwide channel at very manageable cost and are visible 24/7 to our customers.“

Michael Grossmann, Fritz Grossmann | Friedrichshafen

„With Locamo we have the perfect partner who makes our gift ideas tangible for customers both regionally and throughout Germany. is our bridge to digital retail.“

Björn und Ilona Engelhardt, Owner MyEngele | Rottweil

„I can offer my local customers even greater selection and availability of products, as online business has significantly increased income. In addition, online trading ensures the economic success of our business, as around two-thirds of total sales are now generated by online sales.“

Ingo Wesseler, Owner Modehaus Wesseler | Metelen

„A customer who had previously only known us through now actually wanted to see who was personally behind the handmade glasses from Glas:Schmidsfelden and visited us in the store. Getting started was quick and easy. And best of all, since we’ve been selling on, our sales have visibly increased.“

Stefan Michaelis, Glas:Schmidsfelden | Leutkirch